Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tell Me About 303-337-8074

How well or how poorly did that telemarketer do? I'm dying to know.

What am I talking about? (A common enough question.)

Earlier this year, I posted a comment about a telemarketing call... I called it "Special Promotion: You've Got the Wrong House".

I posted the number, (303) 337-8074, the name of the telemarketing company (Emperion Marketing), and the rough script/conversation between me and the girl who didn't speak well at all. (Oddly enough, she wanted me to subscribe to the Minneapolis Star and Tribune... and I contribute to the Anti-Strib, a blog dedicated to ragging on the Enemy Paper.)

Apparently, a lot of folks are checking out this number through Google and other web searches.

Fill up my comment section or my e-mail with your stories.

This might even provide a service. ;)


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